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Cots, beds, and moving and handling specialist Centrobed has launched a new fully profiling bed in response to feedback from clients and occupational therapists (OTs).

Centrobed created the Fundy Low Start Bed after discovering that there was a need for a low-start-height bed that can still support fully with moving and handling. This bed was designed with safety at its centre, according to the manufacturer.

The Fundy is a height-adjustable bed with a from-the-floor start height. It can be raised to waist height to deliver personal care or can be used as a changing station. The Fundy does not have a head or footboards attached to the bed.

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It comes in a fully padded low-level surround. There are no visible power cables; the bed is operated via a wired handset.

In addition, the Fundy as standard is manufactured to a length of 78″, however, it can be made to any bespoke specification to suit adults or children.

Centrobed creates bespoke, innovative designs as a result of feedback from its valued clients and OTs.

Anita Rush, Clinical Lead Nurse Specialist for Equipment, Berkshire, said that depending on what location people are in across the UK, NHS organisations or social care services might purchase Centrobed products for their clients.

In her view, the unique selling point for Centrobed is that the beds last for a long time and that the firm listens to clients’ exact needs and tailors products to suit them.

Anita further explained that Centrobed products can deliver significant cost savings to health and social care services.

“For example, a patient in Berkshire had several carers attending frequently throughout the day and night, by purchasing them the Arctic Turning Bed with an Auto Turning Box we were able to negate the night time carers totally and also reduced their day time care package,” commented Anita. “The benefit to the patient was a vast improvement in their quality of life and that of their extended family also.

“The benefit to the purchasing organisation was that there was no night time care package required, and reduced care package for the day time. This made a saving of over £100,000.00 per year.”

To arrange a bed demonstration or for further information, contact Centrobed at sales@centrobed.com or call 01233 635 353

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