Limitless Living UK event image

Independent event organiser, The Positive Event Partnership, has launched a new annual lifestyle event specifically aimed at prosthetics and orthotics users, presenting a wide range of products, services and opportunities for an improved lifestyle.

The Limitless Living UK event will be supported by the British Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Amputee Rehabilitation (BACPAR) and national charity Limbcare and include an exhibition, as well as a demonstration and content programme to educate, inform and inspire.

Additionally, the Positive Event Partnership highlighted the potential to conduct research and network with professionals in the industry, as well as raise awareness of services and products attendees unavailable on the NHS.

Taking place at Sandown Park, Surrey on 29th – 30th March 2019, the organisers claim the event will provide an annual focal point for the UK prosthetics and orthotics community and emphasise that despite the end-user focus, the event does not preclude access to the trade.

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