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Aergo, Munevo and WheelAir have joined together to create a new online platform for wheelchair product demonstrations and education programmes, called Rehab Inno Expo.

Rehab Inno Expo is the first online presentation of leading MedTech innovations designed to improve the independence and quality of life of wheelchair users.

The platform will utilise the expertise and experience of the WheelAir, Munevo and Aergo founders, as well as clinical experts, about the benefits of the three companies’ technologies.

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In addition, the educational webinars will look at dynamic postural management, the benefits of keeping skin cool, and control systems for wheelchairs.

Rehab Inno Expo will kick off on the 6th of August with three interesting webinars:

  • Sitting and Positioning – Benefits of dynamic postural management
    9:00 – 10:00
  • Skin Integrity and Microclimate – How to keep cool and maintain healthy skin
    12:00 – 13:00
  • Mobility and Independence – Control systems that are best for moving your wheelchair
    15:00 – 16:00

WheelAir is a healthcare start-up, which created the innovative cooling backrest cushion for wheelchair users to help regulate their temperature and stop them from overheating in their chairs.

Susie Turnbull, WheelAir Clinical Educator and OT, spoke with AT Today about the benefits of the company’s wheelchair cushion, such as reducing skin temperature and related heat rash symptoms, preventing over-sweating and helping users feel more comfortable in their chairs.

Munevo empowers people with disabilities by using new and innovative technology. For instance, munevo DRIVE is a smart glass-based solution that helps people with disabilities to get mobile independently.

Aergo was founded to enable everyone to live to their fullest potential through inclusive technology. The company’s first product is Aergo PS, which is the world’s first automated postural seating system. Using a network of pressure sensitive air cells to continuously monitor sitting position and provide automated correction.

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