Revolve Air image
Credit: ©Andrea Mocellin

Revolve Air is an innovative new active wheelchair that fits the standard cabin baggage dimensions used universally by airlines and looks to revolutionise travel for disabled people.

The founder and inventor of Revolve Air, Andrea Mocellin, says that the freedom to move and travel is something that many people take for granted. Wheelchair users have to think about the size of their chair and wheels and taking them on trains, buses and aeroplanes.

To help tackle this issue, Andrea created Revolve Air – a contemporary, safe, sturdy, foldable and lightweight active wheelchair.

It saves 60 percent of its space when both wheels and frames are folded and can be used as hand luggage on aeroplanes, without any additional struggle.

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“Revolve Air aims to give a total new independence to all active wheelchair users, who commute and travel every day,” commented. “This means no more need to check in the wheelchair at the airport hours before the flight, with the risk of damage to the valuable and necessary chair. No more long waiting at the luggage delivery.

“No need to store the wheelchair in a large car trunk giving Revolve Air owners the freedom to drive small cars or take any taxis available. Plus less need of assistance along the journey for more independence and time to invest for what really matters: the freedom to travel light and efficiently.

“This is a real breakthrough that can have a liberating effect on those who need to use wheelchairs, in all of the best ways.”

Revolve Air image
Credit: ©Andrea Mocellin – The collapsible Revolve Air wheelchair conveniently fits inside an overhead baggage hold on an aeroplane.

The futuristic-looking wheelchair has 24-inch foldable wheels. According to the founder, the wheelchair folds in the same amount of time as a standard foldable wheelchair but saves up to 60 percent more space when folded.

As Revolve Air can easily fold to fit in car boots, passenger seats or in overhead baggage holds in aeroplanes, this makes it an attractive solution for wheelchair users who travel due to its compact size.

“Opening or folding the wheelchair is a simple action, requiring nothing complicated and no feats of strength,” Andrea continued. “Both 24 inches wheels can collapse along the same hub together with the seat and the backrest, guaranteeing a unique compactness and transportability, not found elsewhere. Its special foldable wheels even give the new wheelchair an attractive appearance when full sized and when being stored.”

Revolve Air image
Credit: ©Andrea Mocellin

Andrea is now looking for partners to bring the wheelchair to market.

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