Pressalit Shower Change Table 3000 image

The Pressalit Shower Change Table 3000, designed for comfort, hygiene and ease of use in an accessible bathroom environment, is available in two new colours.

Now offered in Sapphire Blue and Graphite Grey, the table offers a stable and secure platform for showering and changing adults and children with complex needs.

With the choice of a height-adjustable or a fixed-height version, the Shower Change Table from Pressalit is appropriate for use in private homes, Changing Places toilets, hospitals, education establishments and institutions.

For maximum use of space, the table can be folded up against the wall when not being used. With smooth contact surfaces, eliminating any gathering points for dirt or bacteria, the Shower Change Table is easy to wipe down and clean before and after use.

In addition, the table is comfortable and secure for the user. Its slightly curved form is enhanced with an adjustable neck support, which can be moved to either end of the table.

The inbuilt design and flexibility of the table ensures optimal working conditions for the carer. The ergonomically designed safety rails have a practical lower central section, which provides better access and work environment while transferring, showering, drying, changing and dressing the user.

Furthermore, the safety rails can be operated with one hand by the carer, enabling them to maintain eye contact and physical contact with the user during the whole process.

The water collection tray has an integrated water outlet to prevent water from splashing on carers, or the floor. The flexible hose attached to the centre mounted outlet of the tray can be connected wither to an outlet in the floor or on the wall.

Additionally, the height-adjustable model is operated with a wired hand control, offering a height adjustment of 700mm. The Shower Change Table 3000 has a maximum load of 200kg.

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