Mobvoi x Permobil smartwatch image

An innovative, integrated smartwatch solution has been launched that gives manual wheelchair users powerful tracking, monitoring and power assist capabilities.

Permobil SmartDrive PushTracker E3 manual wheelchair users globally can now use Mobvoi’s TicWatch E3 smartwatch for helpful fitness and health insights.

When the smartwatch connects with Permobil’s manual wheelchair, individuals can drive hands-free. Through gesture-activated controls, users can start the SmartDrive feature with a tap on their TicWatch E3, which connects to the wheelchair wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Wheelchair users can track their daily activities with the SmartDrive and PushTracker app on the watch and on their phones. The SmartDrive app tracks wearers’ distance and battery usage, while the smartwatch counts pushes as the PushTracker.

On the app, users can track their journeys, distance and set goals based on mobility and health-related needs, and receive daily tips to stay active.

TicWatch E3 boasts advanced heart rate sensors that monitor heart rate in real-time when active and resting that are logged into a weekly graph. When the smartwatch detects any unusual heart rate changes, the user is alerted.

Additionally, the sensors also monitor and record blood oxygen level at regular intervals throughout the day and night and track light, deep and REM sleep while providing deep insights on how to create better sleep habits.

The TicWatch E3 frame is made of a polycarbonate frame that promises a durable, lightweight and comfortable design. With a choice of black, blue and yellow, the rubber watch straps claim to be durable and breathable on the skin. The battery features an ‘essential mode’, which automatically kicks in when the battery percentage drops below five percent.

Last year, mobility and rehabilitation specialist Permobil launched a whitepaper that explores the clinical benefits of powered standing wheelchairs for improving user’s functions.

The NHS has also been exploring the benefits of healthcare wearables. It is currently trialling smartwatches to “revolutionise” care for hundreds of Parkinson’s patients by providing remote and timely insights into people’s everyday activities.

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