My SOS Family has created a simple system to ensure vulnerable people are able to send emergency SOS messages at the touch of a button to a network of individuals. The SOS Angel is an essential mobile phone personal assistance alarm pendant with GPS tracking and an SOS button capable of alerting an unlimited network of people that the owner requires help.

Whilst the SOS Angel is able to perform advanced functionality, the company has focused on making the device as simple as possible for users.

The GPS allows for the wearer to be located with a Google Map link and also allows family members, friends and carers to talk through it to emergency services or others in the support network.

For suffers of illnesses such as dementia and for the elderly who are mobile but can require help quickly, the ability to build a comprehensive support network for people is essential, whilst the ease of use is important for wearers to have the confidence to remain independent.

Find out more at the website HERE

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