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Stiltz Homelifts is partnering with Podplan, an innovative subscription service offering information and support for people with elderly parents, to help people find contemporary independent living solutions.

Podplan is a monthly subscription service aimed at the children of elderly parents who often find themselves having to make potentially life-changing decisions on behalf of their mum and dad.

As part of the collaboration, Stiltz is able to reach out to, and engage with, a growing audience of decisionmakers in the age-proofing process. This younger generation is keen to learn about mobility options for their parents that are contemporary and stylish, according to Stiltz.

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Podplan gives Stiltz the opportunity to present its offering to this group of individuals, while helping the supplier learn more about the needs of those who are looking for solutions on behalf of their older relatives.

Podplan Creator Jackie Cleveland explained: “I realised there was a need for easy-to-discover information when I had to quickly find help for my in-laws. I was faced with very little time and too many confusing options. There was so much that I didn’t know about, didn’t understand, and many solutions that could make life easier and more enjoyable if only I had been aware of them.”

In 2018, Jackie developed a fledgling service, which has now matured into Podplan membership.

Launched in early 2021, this portal pulls together all the information people might need to help people to live well in later life into a single online service. It opens up a world of guidance relating to services, money, products as well as an extensive range of online tools.

The resource also has live Q&A opportunities, signposting to reputable assistive equipment, a members’ help desk, and weekly emails.

Stiltz is keen to reach out to younger family members who are increasingly becoming key players in future-proofing homes for their parents.

“When people are searching for information they must be connected with brands which have integrity, such as Stiltz Homelifts,” added Jackie. “We know that they can deliver a quality product and seamlessly manage every step of the process. Every service we share with our members, must be exemplary. Being aware of Stiltz Homelifts can change a decision from selling to staying in the family home instead.”

Partnering with Podplan allows the homelift supplier to reach out to families who may be looking for mobility solutions and who are keen to explore options other than moving home. On Podplan, users can learn about the practical benefits a Stiltz Homelift can offer, the future-proofing aspects, and how the company can provide helpful advice on product selection and lift positioning.

Yola Mealing, Head of Marketing at Stiltz Homelifts, commented: “We create stylish solutions to the often-complex problem of in-home mobility, so teaming with Podplan instinctively felt right.

“Being able to reach adult-children gives us a great opportunity to share our knowledge so we can further benefit from this ever-growing market. We subscribe to Podplan’s enthusiasm to make sure their members are aware of all the services available and are delighted to be partnering with someone as excited about the future of independent living as we are.”

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