Care Direct smart hub image
Care Direct smart hub

Welsh startup Care Direct Technology has launched a suite of new assistive technology products designed to make independent living more achievable for those who need extra help around the home.

The new range of assistive solutions includes a set of IoT home sensors, a smartwatch, personal alarm, reactive cameras with a two-way microphone, and smart hub, which collect data around the clock and report into an activity feed within an easy-to-use mobile app.

The app is available now for Apple and Android devices on a subscription basis.

With instant push notifications for significant events such as calls, falls or geofence breaches, Care Direct products enable healthcare professionals and families to remotely monitor and speak to their loved one or a group of service users. According to the company, this is increasingly important in the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic, where face-to-face contact is being minimised to reduce transmission.

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Additionally, the digital devices connect to both Wi-Fi and 4G, meaning the smartwatch and personal alarm can be used outside the home.

Care Direct smartwatch image
Care Direct smartwatch

Care Direct’s personal alarm can also be worn in the shower, in case the individual has a fall while bathing. The automatic fall detection feature means that wearers who are knocked unconscious or are otherwise unable to press the assistance button will still activate an alert to their carer’s app, so the situation can be assessed and help sought quickly.

According to the assistive technology startup, its products are built with accessibility in mind; the smart hub and smartwatch are both voice-controlled via Amazon Alexa. This enables people to dictate shopping lists to be sent the carer, access the news, radio and other online information, plus make video calls and write texts without complicated touch interactions. The wearables are configured to speak their functions aloud.

Care Direct Technology CEO Chris Smith said: “For us, user security is key. We know that not everyone is comfortable with the idea of being ‘watched’ so our technology is designed to work differently.

“For the end user, we’ve designed our products to keep their interactions with the products very simple and secure. We want to preserve their dignity whilst keeping them safe.

“For the family or care team supporting them, our app provides a handy way of checking in from wherever you are. From the data we provide you can see whether Mum is up and had her morning cup of tea without phoning or knocking the door. Professional carers can use our data to help safeguard vulnerable adults whether they are out in the community or in their own home. Care Direct Technology is for everyone.”

Additional features within the range include a live map to track wearers who wander beyond the geofenced area set by their carer and an SOS button to push in emergencies.

Care Direct aims to reduce the load on emergency services by giving family and carers remote visual and voice access to individuals to enable early interventions when needed. In addition, the products provide peace of mind to those far away from their families, people who are self-isolating and act as a vital communication tool in the battle against loneliness.

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