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Yesterday (1st July 2021), Millbrook Healthcare announced that its technology-enabled care (TEC) service centre went live in Essex, following a formal opening ceremony on 25th June with Essex County Council.

The company specialises in the provision of community equipment, wheelchair, assistive technology and home improvement agency services to the NHS and local authorities.

Millbrook Healthcare is working in conjunction with Provide CIC and working alongside Essex Fire & Rescue to provide the TEC service for Essex County Council. This service includes the identification, deployment, installation, maintenance, decommissioning and removal of technology to meet service users’ care needs as well as supporting Essex County Council staff to develop a more innovative and technological mindset when commissioning care.

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The contract also offers the provider an exciting opportunity to move into other areas for TEC, embrace new opportunities and technology, and better support its service users.

TEC is an umbrella term that incorporates technology used to support individuals in their own homes and can include:

  • Telecare – devices in the home which monitor the resident’s safety and well-being, including personal sensors, wearable devices, door entry systems and other environmental sensors.
  • Assistive technology – a wide range of other technologies that allow people with impaired mobility, disabilities (physical or learning), and sensory impairments to live as independently as possible on an everyday basis. This might include voice-activated personal assistants such as Alexa or Google Home, communication devices, and technology to help with day-to-day activities such as switching on lights or cooking.
  • Remote monitoring and virtual solutions – for social interaction and to connect with professionals virtually (e.g. virtual calls through tablets or screens).
  • Apps for mobile devices that promote independence, health and well-being may also be provided to target needs.

Recently, Millbrook Healthcare took over the contract for Worcestershire’s Promoting Independent Living Service to deliver the home improvement agency for the six district councils in Worcestershire.

As part of the Promoting Independent Living Service, Millbrook’s team of customer service coordinators, technicians, caseworkers/technical assistants, technical officers and an occupational therapist, will provide a range of services. These range from home adaptations, housing repairs, occupational therapy services and hospital discharge packages.

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