Rascal mobilty

The Rascal Vision now has a USB power outlet so users can charge electronic devices directly from the scooter and never again be stuck with a dead battery in a phone, iPod, or tablet.

The Vision combines uncompromising design and superb suspension. This 8mph, Class 3 performance scooter offers a world of difference with the right touch of style on performance, comfort and reliability.

The Rascal Vision combines a great modern look with its innovative inertia system that automatically reduces speed on tight turns, dynamic stability and anti-tip technology for safety and peace of mind. Form and function come together to create something very special, with a well-padded seat providing good lumbar support and a charging point on the tiller as a useful necessity. Finally a scooter with the power to move and to delight.

Key features include:

  • NEW Auxiliary USB power outlet for charging mobile phones etc
  • Emergency braking system
  • Modern LED lighting system
  • Articulated tiller adjustment
  • Advanced LCD panel and twin mirrors
  • Colours Black and Silver

Visit the website HERE

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