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The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has announced that two billion items of personal protective equipment (PPE) have now been delivered to frontline staff in the UK since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

Amid unprecedented global pressures on supply chains, 341 million masks, 313 million aprons, four million gowns and 1.1 billion gloves have been delivered to frontline health and social care workers.

The news comes following an announcement earlier this month that the UK Government had signed deals with more than 100 new suppliers from around the world as well as ramped up domestic production to meet demand for PPE.

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According to the DHSC, almost 28 billion more items of PPE have been ordered overall from UK-based manufacturers and international partners to provide a continuous supply in the coming months.

This will protect essential health and social care staff and allow them to continue to save lives and provide high-quality care to those who need it.

Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary, said: “Two billion items of PPE have now been delivered to the frontline, and a further 28 billion items sourced, that will protect frontline workers well into the future.

“It is thanks to the herculean effort from UK industry, the NHS and departmental teams, our diplomatic teams abroad, and the armed forces that we have now hit this impressive milestone.”

The normal supply chain for PPE was designed to accommodate delivery to 226 NHS trusts, but essential PPE supplies are now being supplied to 58,000 different settings, including care homes, hospices and community care organisations.

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