Sunrise Medical QUICKIE Nitrum Red Dot Award image

Mobility device manufacturer Sunrise Medical has received the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design 2022 for its lightweight QUICKIE Nitrum rigid wheelchair.

Launched in 2020, QUICKIE Nitrum boasts numerous newly patented features and frame designs. It offers users a smooth ride.

With a lifting weight of 4.9kg, this lightweight aluminium chair provides rigidity, customisation, and adjustability options. Sunrise says this “revolutionary” wheelchair minimises propulsion effort while maximising movement.

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Thomas Babacan, Sunrise Medical’s group CEO, commented: “We are thrilled that Nitrum has been recognized by Red Dot for its superior design. The team worked relentlessly to engineer an ultra lightweight wheelchair that provides a smooth ride for users of wheelchairs.

“The valuable feedback from our customers have significantly influenced and advanced our development of Nitrum. We make sure that we consider all the finest details in our designs and innovations, and we are pleased it won over the jurors to receive a distinction in the Red Dot Award.”

The QUICKIE Nitrum also features an innovative 3D visualiser and illustration using augmented reality (AR) technology. This means Nitrum wheelchair users can view their personalisation options via the visualiser, bringing their ideas and customisations to life.

The AR application makes it possible to display various pre-set wheelchair options in the user’s real-life environment.

The Red Dot Award is a world-renowned award for outstanding product designs internationally.

Recently, hearing aid manufacturer Oticon secured Red Dot Awards for two of its innovative hearing technologies: the Oticon Play PX paediatric hearing aids and the Oticon SmartCharger.

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