TGA's Scooter Passport scheme and flight checklist image

Committing to its vision of making travel accessible for all, TGA will be unveiling its unique product passport and flight checklist at Naidex for easier air travel with a mobility scooter.

Advancements in the design of transportable scooters are opening up opportunities for disabled travellers, however, TGA says there is still a need for advice and information regarding product suitability on buses, trains and planes.

Growth in air travel is of particular significance with more scooter owners seeking to take their own products on planes for holidays, business and family visits. The process of transporting mobility products varies between airport and airlines across the world but the scooter specialist says there are common considerations which can assist with more efficient transfers.

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To support hassle-free flying for disabled individuals, TGA has developed the UK’s first ‘Scooter Passport’ scheme and flight checklist so travellers arrive at airports fully prepared for any questions they may face. With complete details regarding their product to hand, along with all planning requirements completed, transit of suitable TGA mobility scooters can be more efficient and seamless on planes, trains and cruise liners.

The new TGA scooter passport comprises of a ‘luggage tag’ style design that can be affixed to products before departure. Its reusable, non-tear material allows owners to write all of their scooter details including product name, size, weight and battery type.

At check in, airport staff can then make an informed decision regarding handling of the scooter throughout the airport and stowage on the plane. Ground crew and baggage handlers can manage the scooter appropriately to reduce the risk of damage and airline captains are informed so there is no confusion or delay.

On arrival, the TGA passport offers airport staff helpful information, improving the scooter passenger experience.

To support the free TGA passport, TGA users can also obtain the new TGA flight checklist, which is a simple four-page, tick-box booklet which details all the recommended actions before air travel with a scooter.

Planning activities such as informing airline special assistance teams, checking airport accessibility and scooter battery suitability are all included. Actions are chronologically categorised along with a recommended list of paperwork to take to the airport.

Free copies of the new TGA passport and flight checklist will be available to users on stand N812 at Naidex 2020, which takes place on the 17th-18th March at the Birmingham NEC.

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