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Esper Bionics, a pioneering engineering company, has showcased its new advanced bionic hand at CES 2022, which is called Esper Hand.

The prosthetic hand is connected to a software platform – called ML – which gives users enhanced control while they use the device. It boasts a broad range of functions, such as gripping objects, opening bottles, tearing sachets, spraying bottles, and much more.

The assistive device also improves and gains abilities over time in line with the user due to remote insights and prediction algorithms from the ML software platform.

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Esper Hand is available in five different sizes. According to the company, the prosthesis is lightweight and has fast response times, a moveable thumb, fingers and wrist, and natural shapes and movements.

Esper Hand recognises situations, helps users choose their appropriate grip in advance, and has precise muscle activity detection. The company says this is the most precise muscle activity detection on the market and is affordable to many countries globally due to a range of versions with differing prices.

Watch the video below to see Esper Hand in action, and the range of activities it can carry out:

Co-Founder and CEO of Esper Bionics Dmytro Gazda commented: “We work a lot on technology for our products, but we always remember that socialisation is the most important function we can embed into our products. The main thing our products should do is to make socialisation easier and feel people more comfortable under any conditions.”

Esper Bionics believes that the biggest impact on humanity will be implanted electronics. The company, founded in 2019, says implanted electronics will give humans extra abilities, eliminate diseases, and prolong and fulfil the lives of billions of people.

“Before I started to use the Esper hand, I was wearing a cosmetic prosthesis, which had no function,” explained Nika Chorna, one of the first Esper Hand users. “I did my best to make it invisible for people around me and felt very inconvenient as I needed assistance. Esper Hand clears everything from the first sight and makes me feel independent as I don’t need anybody else to do whatever I want on my own.”

Esper Bionics now has a ready-made product and a waiting list for interested users looking to buy the product.

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