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Video assessments from accessible bathing specialist Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions are helping support disabled bathers without the need for face-to-face contact.

To offer peace of mind to clients during the coronavirus outbreak, Abacus video conferencing is delivering a contactless approach to client assessments so traditional face-to-face visits can be avoided, if preferred.

Abacus Assessors are able to broadcast from within their demonstration vehicles which are fitted with a range of bathing solutions. Video calls using a variety of software platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Starleaf, Zoom and WhatsApp, allow clients and anyone involved with their care to be involved with the assessment process whilst avoiding travel or physical contact. Inbound calls from NHS staff using AccurX are also possible.

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These calls are efficient and can result in faster positive outcomes as Zoe Cocksedge, Independent Occupational Therapist, explains: “Our Zoom video call was useful in that it helped fine-tune requirements for the client. The family were involved as well and the physiotherapist so we could discuss the types of baths available and which one would be the most suitable.

“We were also able, with the Abacus Assessor’s extensive knowledge, to look at postural management systems as the client has specific needs – these were uploaded during the call.”

Abacus sets up each video meeting as an appointment with a specific date and time which is agreed by all – attendees simply join.

In addition to understanding how a client ‘presents’, video technology allows the Abacus Assessor and OT to see the intended bath location and review its suitability. Every other aspect of the assessment process using video is the same as a traditional home visit with Abacus using its clinical checklist.

“Although we originally thought it would be a good idea to just have a demonstration of the Gemini online, having good information on your website also meant the family had a look beforehand and then were able to ask a lot of questions post the demonstration,” Zoe added. “They are keen to go ahead and order a Gemini 2000 bath following the Zoom meeting.”

Once assessment, approval and delivery are organised, Abacus continues with its adapted services by installing baths following its new ‘Protection Promise’. Its specialist fitters are equipped with PPE and follow strict disinfecting and social distancing protocols.

Ultimately, this means disabled bathers and carers can continue to benefit from accessible bathing in the community, reduce the risk of injuries and alleviate pressure on the NHS.

Peter Eckhardt, CEO of Gainsborough Healthcare Group, concluded: ” Video assessments are our latest service which, I’m delighted to say, are making a difference and helping bathers in difficult situations.

“Add to this the efficient access it provides Occupational Therapists, we believe video assessments will become commonplace in the future. Of course, we will still provide home visits if preferred, however this new technology-based option gives greater choice and flexibility to everyone.”

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