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US-based healthcare products specialist Abbott presented a keynote at CES 2022, showcasing what it describes as the ‘future of biowearables’.

The company announced it is developing a new category of consumer biowearables called Lingo, which is being designed to track key signals in the body – such as glucose, ketones, and lactate – via sensor technology to help people better understand their general health and take action.

Although Lingo partially revolves around nutritional and fitness aspects of people’s health, it monitors wearers’ glucose levels, which is helpful for people with diabetes. Having in-depth insights into the wearer’s health could help people to self-manage their conditions, without the help of a healthcare professional.

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Abbott says that these biowearables are still under development and are not intended for medical use, but it is still an interesting step forward in the healthcare technology space.

Abbott Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robert B. Ford headlined CES 2022 with a keynote titled ‘Human-Powered Health: Unlocking the Possibility of You’.

“Technology gives us the power to digitise, decentralise and democratise healthcare, create a shared language between you and your doctor – and put more control of your health in your hands,” Robert said. “We’re creating a future that will bring you and your loved ones care that’s more personal and precise. It’s happening right now. And its potential is no less than incredible.”

Lingo biowearables are being designed to translate the body’s unique language into personalised and actionable data to help users track and measure their general health and wellness. Abbott’s vision is to help wearers proactively manage their health, nutrition and athletic performance through the biowearables.

It builds on previous Abbott sensing technology that enables people with diabetes to continuously monitor their glucose levels with a small sensor on the back of the upper arm. It also builds on the company’s technology platform that allows athletes to optimise how they fuel their bodies for intense training.

Lingo aims to expand glucose monitoring to people looking to manage their weight, sleep better, improve energy and think clearer.

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