Rollz Flex 2 rollator image

Rollz International has launched the Rollz Flex 2 rollator, which promises to offer “unmatched” comfort, stability and style for elderly and disabled clients.

Built upon client feedback, the rollator supports an active lifestyle without having to compromise, which is lightweight for walking and shopping.

This is an updated version of the previous Rollz Flex model introduced in 2016. The Rollz Flex 2 has softer tyres for added comfort when walking and is available in more colours with a new stylish shopping bag.

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Richard Zwart, Commercial Director at Rollz, said: “We are delighted to announce the introduction of the Rollz Flex 2, which has been improved to answer the customers’ feedback and requests and to also be in line with the market changes.

“Moreover, despite the production struggles worldwide due to the corona situation, we are proud to be able to have all the updates ready as planned. Now that pandemic restrictions are being eased, we can continue to meet our customers’ needs to go out or prepare for their summer holidays by providing a quality stylish product they can walk with comfortably and safely.”

See the Rollz Flex 2 in action below:

The Rollz Flex 2 is equipped with foam-filled tyres that provide optimal cushioning, the company says, because the vibrations from the ground are better absorbed. They also have more grip and last longer.

Richard continued: “This lightweight rollator with a shopping bag gives you confidence. It is a stable, safe, comfortable, and easily manoeuvrable walker that offers the support that fits your needs. After being indoors for so long in the last year, it is important to go out again and be active as moving is beneficial for both body and mind.”

This latest mobility aid is available in four stylish colours: Pebble white, Matt black, Jungle green and Dark purple. The walker’s spacious shopping bag is made of a luxurious and strong fabric in the colour Smokey grey.

“We have opted for a new material for the shopping bag that can better withstand rain and is easier to clean. Because it is more water resistant, the bag will be more durable and last as long as the rollator itself,” Richard highlighted.

The Rollz Flex 2 is now available both online and in stores. Rollz rollators are distributed in the UK by Rollz Mobility UK.

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