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Julia Phipps, Owner of Ability Superstore, with the Uccello Easy Pour Kettle and Tipper

An easy-pour and non-clinical-looking mobility aid has gone viral on social media platform TikTok, after a user posted a nine-second video praising how useful it was.

Racking up 1.7 million views on TikTok, the clip features a woman who says her sister bought her 90-year-old grandmother, who cannot lift things easily, the Uccello kettle.

The Uccello Easy Pour Kettle and Tipper operates on a hinge, so the user just needs to tilt it forward to pour the water into a cup without having to lift it. According to its manufacturer, the handy device is safer for shaky hands, as there is no risk of dropping the kettle and boiling water on the floor.

Additionally, the kettle features an easy-to-read water level indicator that allows the individual to boil exactly the amount they need. The clear power on light further indicates when the kettle is switched on and there is also an auto shut-off feature with over-heating protection to prevent any accidents.

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Following the popularity of the video on TikTok, Ability Superstore has reported receiving an influx of orders for the Uccello East Pour Kettle and Tipper.

Owner of Ability Superstore Julia Phipps told AT Today: “The Uccello kettle has been one of our own favourite and most popular products for a long time, just not on this scale! The TikTok video certainly has given the Uccello a much larger and diverse audience.

“It is a unique product as it combines a kettle with a tipper, which is ideal for those who struggle to lift the weight of a kettle full of boiling water. Its design is contemporary too which makes a nice change in the world of mobility.

“There is still a stigma attached to mobility aids and the Uccello (or “bird” in Italian) certainly helps to dispel some of this stigma. What this has proved is that if you have a good product that can help people of all ages to solve a problem, make an everyday task slightly easier and looks good too it will be popular.”

Julia said that the TikTok video has received comments from users who want to see stylish mobility aids normalised.

She continued: “It was a pleasant surprise to walk in on Monday morning and see the hundreds of orders, and it is safe to say we have seen more orders for the Uccello every week since the TikTok video was posted.”

The kitchen appliance was designed by Italian-born Andy De Petra, who was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2011 and everyday tasks, such as lifting a kettle full of water, became challenging.

He focused his inventive streak to ease this struggle and the Uccello Kettle and Tipper was born.

See the short video below to find out why the Uccello Kettle is so popular:


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