Lewis Reed Sure-Fit 200 image

In response to users’ comments about the discomfort they encounter with seatbelts, Lewis Reed has developed the Sure-Fit 200 wheelchair tie-down and occupant restraint system.

With many different sizes and weights of wheelchairs available, notes the company, the Sure-Fit 200 has been designed to provide a seatbelt solution that will comfortably fit nearly every passenger, regardless of their wheelchair size and seating position.

The Sure-Fit 200 has been designed to be unobtrusive, with the mechanism hidden behind a panel, and features an upper seatbelt adjuster which can be easily moved using one hand to ensure the user can find a safe and comfortable position for the belt.

The rear wheelchair tie-down positions can also be moved so the wheelchair position can be optimised to ensure the passenger can travel safely and in comfort.

For individuals using more than one wheelchair or for people who have changed their chair for a different model, Lewis Reed ensures that the Sure-Fit 200 is flexible enough to cope with the differences without compromise.

There is also integrated ambient lighting which allows users to operate the system safely in the dark.

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