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Technology-enabled care (TEC) organisations have come together to produce a timely whitepaper about why there is an urgent need for all housing and care providers to upgrade analogue grouped and dispersed systems, due to the fast-approaching digital telecare switchover deadline.

The whitepaper warns that at some point during the run-up to 2025, traditional analogue systems will fail. Knowing where to go for help and advice is an issue, according to the publication.

Titled ‘The Digital Reality: Digital Switchover White Paper’, the whitepaper is supported by digital solutions specialist Everon UK and housing network Housing LIN with contributions from Openreach, BT, TSA, and Eseye.

The document provides an up-to-date position on the digital switchover from the industry experts; discusses the real risks for buyers and service users; explores the opportunities of digital for housing and care providers; offers a detailed Q&A with practical tips; and gives case studies of those on the digital journey.

Peter Kerly, MD of Everon UK, said: “This paper has been drafted because of a growing need to better inform the sector about important changes impacting the digital transition. Following two successful webinars and a breakfast meeting with housing and care leaders, some key questions were debated and we hope this paper will help anyone looking for more support.”

The whitepaper further provides invaluable insights into the what and the why of the digital switchover; the future of housing; and how digital transformation can transform care.

In Openreach’s helpful contributed content, it explains why the telecare digital switchover is happening.

It reads: “By the end of 2025, the historic analogue network, used to make most phone calls from our landlines and used for broadband, will have reached the end of its life. A new digital phone network is taking its place. The new network will provide a future proofed, more reliable, and dependable broadband service that will support the UK for decades to come.”

The content explains that for users of the current analogue network, they will be notified by their telephone companies independently when they are being upgraded to the digital network. This could happen any time between now and the end of 2025.

In addition, the whitepaper details a lot of helpful information about what the UK Government is doing to support the telecare digital switchover, along with telecare funding opportunities for organisations. It provides a snapshot of the recognition that digital telecare devices are important for helping older and vulnerable people to stay healthy, connected, and independent in their own homes.

The paper points to the Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC’s) recent ‘Telecare stakeholder action plan: analogue to digital switchover’. This publication explains how the government is working with the telecare and telecommunications sectors in England to help prepare for the transition from analogue to digital networks. The whitepaper revealed £150 million of funding for digital adoption within the adult social care sector.

The policy section further emphasises that the £500 million Adult Social Care Discharge Fund is an opportunity for purchasing TEC devices to support patient recovery at home, away from hospital, to free up vital bed space.

Read the whitepaper in full here.

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