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Hearing aid manufacturer Oticon has overcome the challenge of delivering the sound of music through hearing aids with its latest innovation, MyMusic, which provides a new, unique music experience.

Co-created with music lovers, Oticon MyMusic is a new way of amplifying music to bring out the details. It enables users to enjoy the nuances of their favourite music, the brand notes.

The new MyMusic programme, available to select in the Oticon ON app as and when needed, is the latest technological innovation to be added to Oticon More hearing aids. According to the firm, Oticon More allows individuals to hear speech through a mask, follow a conversation in a noisy restaurant and listen to all music genres.

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In a recent whitepaper about the MyMusic programme – submitted as clinical evidence for the hearing aid innovation – the results show that it was rated 72 percent higher than the previous Oticon music programme, on average.

23 participants took part in the clinical trial and represented a wide range of hearing impairments. Each participant rated their preference in a blind and randomised setup where they listened to the sound recordings using headphones.

Oticon says that music has positive effects on mental wellbeing and mood. It has the ability to lift people’s spirits, motivate them to undergo a task, induce memories or help create calm. For people with hearing loss, music can be distorted, which can take away the joy that sound can bring.

“Aiding people to avoid the many possible consequences of unaddressed or improperly treated hearing loss is always top of our agenda, as we strive to create life-changing hearing aids that let users live life to the full,” said Thomas Behrens, Chief of Audiology at Oticon. “With this new, ground-breaking programme in Oticon More, we are excited to be bringing music back to life, fully restoring one of the greatest and most universal aural pleasures for people with hearing loss.”

The Oticon More hearing aids have received the internationally recognised Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021. Earlier this year, the Red Dot jury agreed that the excellent quality of Oticon’s latest premium hearing aids made them stand out.

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