Alerta_Wireless Fall Prevention

Alerta Medical has launched a new range of wireless fall prevention products designed to keep vulnerable people safe within care home settings.

The Alerta Wall Point Receiver can be wirelessly paired with up to five Alerta wireless devices and is compatible with its Wireless Chair Alertamat, Wireless Bed Alertamat, Wireless Floor+ Alertamat, Wireless Deluxe Alertamat, Wireless Alerta Detect PIR Motion Sensor and the Wireless Nurse Call Button.

The wall point receiver also uses radiofrequency technology, connecting wirelessly with devices up to a range of 95 metres.

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Once paired with Alerta Medical devices, it will only communicate with those linked devices and not interfere with other Alerta Wall Point Receivers or devices in use nearby.

Additionally, all of Alerta’s Wireless Alertamat systems can function as a stand-alone unit independent of a nurse call system to provide localised alerts or connect to a nurse call system with centralised activation,

The new fall detection range comes as COVID-19 lockdown measures continue across the UK, with many elderly and vulnerable people unable to leave their place of residence during the pandemic.

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