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Assistive technology provider Inclusive Technology has launched the world’s first eye tracker for the iPad Pro called Skyle, which helps people with complex access and communication needs to become more independent.

Combining the iPad with eye gaze technology to create a sophisticated augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) tool, individuals can now interact with their iPad Pro by using eye gaze with a variety of different apps, increasing opportunities for access, communication, environmental control and overall independence.

The clever AAC tool enables individuals to control appliances in their home or at school through downloading an environmental control app and controlling a range of compatible appliances through their iPad. Examples include TVs, speakers, lights, fans, kitchen appliances and door openers.

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Skyle users can also access millions of apps from the Apple Store independently using eye gaze. For instance, they can use social media apps like Facebook or Instagram, message people on Whatsapp, play games, watch videos and many other options.

Featuring anti-reflective coating and a protective case with a built-in mounting plate, Skyle’s lightweight designs ensures users have the flexibility to communicate wherever they go. Due to this versatility, Skyle can help people with a range of conditions such as cerebral palsy, ALS and spinal cord injury.

According to Inclusive Technology, the AAC tool is easy to set up, stating: “Simply insert the iPad Pro into the protective case and plug in the eye tracker, download the Skyle App and you’re ready to realise the full potential of the iPad Pro.”

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