WELT Smart Belt Pro image

Korean digital healthcare company WELT has won the innovation award for its new product – the WELT Smart Belt Pro – at CES 2020, which has been recognised for its innovative fall prevention feature.

The WELT Smart Belt Pro integrates the “world’s first” fall prevention function with existing features that include waist measurement, sitting time measurement, monitoring for overeating and step counting. According to WELT, other fall-detecting wearables are limited as they can only detect a fall after it has occurred.

Responding to this unmet need, the WELT Smart Belt Pro provides a fall prevention feature through the sensor located at the centre of the body which detects patterns in small steps. The embedded sensors and algorithms within the belt then accurately calculate the fall risk from abnormal gait patterns.

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If the wearer shows an unstable gait pattern and a higher fall risk, the accompanying WELT Smart Belt Pro app will send a warning notification through the user’s phone.

By regularly evaluating the risk of a fall and anticipating falls that may occur in the future, the belt gives wearers added reassurance and confidence.

A choice of sleek leather strap designs are available and each belt has an automatic buckle, which WELT says is comfortable for the wearer.

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