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Tobii Dynavox, a specialist in assistive technology for communication, has launched PCEye – the “world’s first” stand-alone eye tracker with outdoor capabilities.

The new augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) solution supports people with disabilities to easily access a PC or tablet and turn it into a communication device wherever they go.

PCEye offers individuals with disabilities, such as ALS or cerebral palsy, a solution to interact with their surrounding environment through a Windows 10 compatible PC or tablet. Building on Tobii’s latest eye tracking platform, it is the world’s first stand-alone eye tracker with the ability to be used outdoors and in bright sunlight.

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Boasting a small and portable design, the assistive device can go anywhere the user chooses to take their computer or tablet. PCEye integrates with all software titles from Tobii Dynavox and comes with Computer Control, a tool that lets the user intuitively interact with and control their device by using their eyes.

Fredrik Ruben, CEO of Tobii Dynavox, said: “We want to make it possible for all our users to access communication based on their personal needs. With the addition of the new PCEye, we enable our users to go online, chat with a friend or talk to a family member in any environment and do so independently of device preference.”

PCEye can be mounted on a device using either the included mount plate for monitors or the PCEye Bracket for tablets.

For more information on PCEye, visit the website

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