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30-year-old student Bethan Collier, who suffers from rare condition Fibromyalgia, shares her experiences of the condition with Wyvern Business Systems ahead of Fibromyalgia Awareness Day on Sunday 12th May 2019.

Fibromyalgia, also called fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), is a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body. It’s thought that as many as one person in every 25 may suffer from it.

The symptoms of Fibromyalgia can include:

  • Widespread pain, often made worse by sustained activity
  • Tiredness (fatigue) or lack of energy
  • Sleep disorders
  • Headaches
  • Irritability, feeling low or weepy
  • Irritable or uncomfortable bowels
  • Forgetfulness or poor concentration
  • Increased sensitivity (to cold, sound, knocks and bumps)
  • Tender (overly sensitive) joints and muscles
  • Increased stress, worry or low mood.

Bethan’s recent interview with Wyvern highlighted the difficulties associated with diagnosing Fibromyalgia and how she was only diagnosed six years ago.

Since finding out she has Fibromyalgia, Bethan has become committed to raising awareness of the life changing condition. She started a blog two years ago showcasing her achievements and fundraiser since being diagnosed. Some of these include climbing Kilimanjaro and running London Marathon.

Bethan doesn’t let her condition hold her back, although she highlighted to Wyvern that it affects all aspects of her life and can flare up instantly without any warning.

She explained: “In my experience the worst part is the cognitive impairment, or what us fibromites refer to as Fibrofog. Catch me on a foggy day and I’ll look right through you, stammer, stop talking 6 words into a sentence, not realise I am suppose to respond to a question, forget how to open doors, not know where I am, forget what you said 30 seconds ago, not recognise my nearest and dearest in the street and seemingly not know the most basic of words.

“Fog for me is and has been the most embarrassing, irritating and debilitating of all my symptoms.

“It’s about learning to manage the fog and the pain; not letting them get on top of you.”

Bethan is now excited to be returning to her studies with an access course through the Open University: ‘work society and people’. Her aim is to start a Psychology degree in October and to eventually become a qualified councillor. One day she hopes to own her own specialist practice.

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