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Folding wheelchair manufacturer LITH-TECH has launched the Smart Chair 3; an entry-level smart wheelchair that is “perfect” for everyday use.

Smart Chair 3 boasts some interesting and helpful technology, where an external, wireless controller can be paired with the joystick, so the chair can be operated by a carer or family member from up to 10 metres away. This functionality means the wheelchair can be controlled from behind using the wireless carer pack.

Smart Chair 3 is designed to be accessible to everyone. It is a more affordable option that does not sacrifice quality, LITH-TECH says, with the wheelchair being suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Able to do 12 miles on a single charge (a full charge takes about six hours from 10 percent power), Smart Chair 3 is also air travel-compliant. It is built with an aluminium frame, making it strong and lightweight, and can support individuals who weigh up to 20 stone. The battery will last for around three years, according to the manufacturer.

As standard, the wheelchair features a 360-degree adjustable joystick, which makes tight spaces easy to navigate. The joystick comes equipped with five different speed settings, a battery range indicator, and a horn.

Smart Chair 3 has been designed to provide the individual with as much freedom as possible and can be used on multiple terrains. The quick folding mechanism makes the chair handy for people who like to travel.

Additionally, the product can fit easily under a table, into a car boot, or anywhere else the user may require, further making it practical for users on the go.

Toby St George, Director at LITH-TECH, exclusively told AT Today: “We’re incredibly proud of the Smart Chair 3 and know it’s a chair that will unlock a brilliant sense of freedom for anyone using it. This is primarily down to the oversized wheels and 360-degree joystick that allows the chair to navigate challenging terrain outside or smaller inside spaces with ease.

“The Smart Chair 3 has been designed with both comfort and practicality in mind, and the result is a quality electric folding wheelchair but also at an affordable price.”

LITH-TECH is a Surrey-based electric folding wheelchair superstore and manufacturer.

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