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In this article, AdaptEco explores how its end-to-end smart care technology solutions can help improve the health and wellbeing of retirement living residents, especially in a post-COVID world to help alleviate pressure off retirement living operators.

By AdaptEco

As retirement living operators strive to differentiate their offerings in an increasingly crowded field, many are looking towards smart care technology. The use of technology is growing rapidly amongst older adults and has accelerated further due to the global pandemic. Combined with the ever-increasing demand for assisted living communities, smart care will play an essential role in this sector.

AdaptEco works with retirement living operators to create digital care ecosystems. Its unique Digital Care Partnership includes over 20 of the world’s most innovative smart care technologies, which are carefully selected to create bespoke ecosystems. AdaptEco’s interoperable systems enable the integration of complex solutions into a single design, providing the service user and care provider with one user-friendly interface.

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AdaptEco’s tech-agnostic approach ensures solutions are tailored to suit specific requirements. The provider manages all digital care partners so operators benefit from one single point of contact, which not only streamlines vendor management, but improves efficiencies and simplifies processes.

Christian Geisselmann, Founder and CEO of AdaptEco, commented: “Smart care technology offers convenience, comfort and safety, combining hospitality and care throughout various stages of senior living.

“Many people now move into retirement living properties while they are in good health and lead active lifestyles, therefore smart care technologies initially provide convenience and comfort. This could include the control of lighting and heating and non-clinical activities such as concierge. At this stage, these solutions can improve efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and add value to residents.”

Within the retirement living sector, working with AdaptEco can:

  • Improve residents’ health and wellbeing through the latest technology
  • Drive an increase in occupancy rates and revenues
  • Increase operational efficiency and decrease expenditure

Phil Vlach, AdaptEco’s senior living expert, added: “As residents ‘age in place’, they may develop mobility or cognitive impairments that would benefit from assistive technologies designed to make life easier and safer. At this stage, operators can layer selected assistive technologies, i.e. sensors such as wearables or smart floors to detect patterns of daily living.

“The introduction means incidents that would require acute care can be avoided. Additional technology can be introduced such as medication prompts, exercise videos, vital sign monitoring, and detection of health deterioration.”

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