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With new research showing the figure of amputees in Britain are at record levels with 135 each week – with the majority of limb loss caused through diabetes – the need for aids that help regain independence and dignity when using the toilet are becoming increasingly more important.

Clos-o-Mat’s Palma Vita wash and dry toilet and Aerolet toilet lift can be used together or independently, and are designed to help amputees go to the toilet without reliance on a carer for support or cleanliness.

The Palma Vita looks like and is capable of being used as a conventional WC, but has built-in douching and drying, eliminating the need to wipe clean afterwards. The toilet also comes with a range of accessories, including infra-red and touch sensitive operation switches.

The Aerolet toilet lift fixes over the toilet and replicates the natural motion of standing up and sitting down, gently raising and lowering the user to position them accurately over the toilet as required whilst enabling their feet to remain in contact with the floor.

“Home assessments can sometimes overlook this very personal daily function,” explains Ray Edwards MBE, founder of leading amputation charity Limbcare ( “Or there is an assumption that if someone is around, be it a family member or care worker, they will help. Unless you have lost a limb, you don’t fully appreciate how much having to rely on someone to help you go to the loo impacts on your self-worth, your dignity and independence.”

Former physiotherapist Neil McCarthy had a leg amputation as a result of diabetes and now has a Clos-o-Mat with optional arm supports says, “It has given me back my independence. However much you love someone, it’s not nice having to take them to the toilet and clean them afterwards. Before, if I had tried to ‘go’ on my own, I would have fallen off the toilet when I tried to clean myself. The Clos-o-Mat cleans me, and the arms mean I have additional support if I need it.”

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