Closomat Palma Vita imageAccording to recent data from the HoME coalition, as many as 93 percent of existing homes do not meet even the lowest existing threshold of accessibility, meaning that retrofitting and adapting properties will be the scenario for “the foreseeable future”.

To help with the adaptations process, assistive bathing specialist Closomat is taking steps to help make the process as painless and cost-efficient for all involved in adaptation delivery.

Its latest offering aims to optimise efficient use of funding now, and in the long-term, and ease the stress for all involved in rectifying issues that may arise as equipment ages and/or the client’s needs change.

The Closomat Palma Life combines – in a one-off initial payment – supply and commissioning of a Closomat Palma Vita wash & dry toilet plus a total of 10 years’ service and maintenance. The cover is in addition to the standard product warranty.

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The Palma Vita, with its integrated douching and drying, empowers the client to deal with their intimate care effectively, safely and hygienically, without the need for a carer to wipe them.

It means the cost of the equipment, and its 10 years’ servicing and maintenance, is addressed in one, single cost, often as part of a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG). This eliminates all the associated issues with funding and co-ordinating of future service and maintenance, with all the associated liaison with client and administrative time and paperwork.

Additionally, the Palma Life gives clients peace of mind that their equipment is appropriately covered. It gives a full ‘fit and forget’ solution for dignified, independent toileting, reducing (and sometimes eliminating) the need for care intervention. The servicing and maintenance is carried out by Closomat’s own, in-house engineers or its national team of approved contractors.

Closomat’s Palma is also the only wash & dry toilet that can be accessorised, initially and retrospectively, with different support systems and operating mechanisms, so the client can continue to use it even if their condition deteriorates.

Robin Tuffley, Closomat Marketing Manager, commented: “The bathroom is the room most frequently adapted to accommodate a person’s increasing inability to deal with even the basic ADLs (activities of daily living), including going to the toilet. Lack of dexterity is the third biggest limitation, yet is key to being able to use the WC- and be clean afterwards- effectively.

“Installing a Palma Vita, especially via our Palma Life package, delivers a solution that optimises practical use of funds and minimises future, potentially costly alterations to accommodate changing needs.”

Full details of the Palma Life offering can be found on Closomat’s website alongside a raft of specification resources.

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