After recent reports showing that the number of deaths by falls has increased in the UK, a Yorkshire-based equipment provider has supplied over 50 Raizer emergency lifting chairs to emergency services across the North of England.

Reducing the time and effort it takes to lift a fallen person back to their feet, the Raizer is currently being used by paramedics, rapid response teams, and emergency fire services across Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Slightly different from other falls lifting products in that it is assembled around the fallen individual and lifts them back to either a seated or standing position within a couple of minutes, the device allows only needs one operator to use it.

Yorkshire Care’s Sales Manager, George Hulbert, said: “We’ve had incredible feedback on the Raizer so far, and with good reason. People fall over every single day, and many people can’t pick themselves back up. That’s where the Raizer steps in and does all the hard work for you.

“It’s estimated that every minute [in the UK], six people over the age of 65 fall. The sheer volume of people who need help getting to their feet is huge and is only growing. We think that the Raizer can provide the solution that’s needed to make sure that stress is minimised for both the person on the floor and their carer.”

30 Raizers have also been supplied to the Yorkshire Ambulance Service earlier this year which are now being used in rapid response vehicles and single paramedic cars, with the company expanding the supply reach throughout Scotland.

Tom Hulbert, Yorkshire Care Equipment’s CEO and Raizer Specialist, commented: “The Raizer was designed for situations that paramedics and other rapid response teams deal with every single day. It’s a great example of forward-thinking by places like the Yorkshire Ambulance Service and Humberside Fire & Rescue Service.”

Additionally, the Raizer also allows the carer to use the chair whilst sitting in front of the person so that they can maintain eye contact and ensure that the individual is calm and well enough to stand on their own.

Yorkshire Care Equipment is a Harrogate-based mobility aids and care equipment supplier.

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