Pressalit Care’s Hinged Arm Support has received a leading European design award, the Red Dot Award 2018, for its product design.

Part of the Pressalit Care Plus range, the Hinged Arm Support offers a number of practical benefits for users, including being ergonomically designed to aid performance, robust for a sense of security, and flexible for manoeuvrability in the bathroom.

The Arm Support is available in a range of bright colours including white, anthracite, orange, red, dark blue and lime green, which, according to Pressalit, enhance bathroom décor and aid recognition for users with poor eyesight.

Andrew Lowndes, UK Sales manager for Pressalit Care, said: “It’s great news that Red Dot has recognised the features of our Hinged Arm Support that make it such an excellent product for an accessible bathroom, whether in a Changes Places installation, in a private home, or in a care home or school.”

Designed with an upturn at the end, it aids support and grip and allows the user to recognise where the end of the arm is by touch.

Additionally, flexibility and adaptability are a key part of its design. Fitted with a barrel hinge, it can be folded up against the wall when not in use, creating more space in the bathroom. The Arm Support can be secured in one position, or additionally, when fitted with the Pressalit Care Plus track system, can be moved and adjusted both vertically or horizontally.

Positioned alongside a WC or washbasin for additional support in the bathroom, it can withstand a weight of 150kg, providing a sense of security and aiding confidence when transferring into or out of a wheelchair.

For situations when the arm is needed only periodically, it can also be removed from the track and stored separately and re-attached when required.

“Built and designed to an exceptionally high standard, and incorporating benefits from colour through to shape, the arm lends support to the user when they need it most in the bathroom,” said Andrew.

“It’s hard to underestimate how important a sense of security is for those with limited mobility – the Hinged Arm Support can provide that security.”

The website for the company is HERE

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