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After running for three months, Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)’s short-term ‘care hotel’ pilot will not be continuing.

The care hotel was set up three months ago as a temporary project at the Holiday Inn in Norwich when the CCG faced extreme pressures and needed free up vital bed space.

It meant that people who were ready to be discharged from hospital but still needed extra support could continue to receive care at the nearby hotel.

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This innovative care hotel pilot enabled up to 15 patients to be treated on a short-term basis and ensured those who critically needed inpatient hospital care could get it.

The service ended on 30 April 2022 but will be considered for future use “if required”, according to the CCG.

As seen on the BBC, a spokesperson for the Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group said: “The pilot care hotel initiative was launched in February as a short-term measure to help relieve pressures in hospital by providing an innovative, temporary care facility for people who are ready to leave hospital but need additional care support arranged in the community before they can get home.

“This has helped speed up the passage of patients through our local hospitals and freed up beds for those that need more urgent medical treatment.

“The service will finish on April 30 following a successful three-month pilot. There are currently no plans to continue beyond this date, however, the facility has received positive feedback from patients, their families and carers, and will be considered for future use if required.”

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