Seating Matters Milano chair image

Seating Matters has announced the launch of its new Milano chair, which offers individuals a simple, adjustable and affordable solution.

The seating specialist brings the high-quality pressure management, postural support, tilt-in-space and adjustability features from its bespoke chairs at an affordable price so that the Milano is accessible to a wider range of patients.

Additionally, the Milano offers support, comfort and pressure management to people with restricted mobility and can be used in equipment loan stores, care homes and acute care environments.

Occupational Therapist Martina Tierney Martina said that from working in the specialist seating field for most of her career, she believes that the Milano offers users a high-quality clinical solution at a great price.

“As an Occupational Therapist, I set out to design the Seating Matters chairs to meet the needs of my patients who struggled to get appropriate seating,” she added.

“Right from the outset, Seating Matters provided custom, specialist chairs in a matter of days, carried out in-depth clinical training with therapists and clinicians across the world and brought comfort and independence to the most vulnerable patients in our society.”

Seating Matters Milano chair image

Seating Matters is offering training for its Milano chair to healthcare professionals at its Lunch and Learn educational events.

Martin Tierney, Director of Seating Matters, concluded: “We have a close relationship with many clinicians, academics and patients around the world.

“There is a real need for high quality, tilt in space seating that can easily adjust to a person’s size. This simplifies the process for getting specialist seating for patients in hospitals and for loan stores getting equipment into the community.

“The Milano can be adjusted without tools on-site to fit multiple patient sizes and when that person no longer uses it, its innovative design allows it to be easily cleaned, re-issued and recycled.”

With products for domestic and care settings, Seating Matters is a manufacturer of clinical, therapeutic seating for both adults and children.

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