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Prosthetics and orthotics specialist Ottobock has launched the latest version of its Harmony system, which is designed to be more comfortable and reduce the risk of falls for users.

Designed for more active below-knee amputees, the Harmony P4 offers a robust design and improved fit and performance.

It uses an active vacuum to securely connect the prosthesis to the residual limb. The vacuum mechanically extracts the air between the suspension sleeve and the liner in order to establish a firm connection. In turn, it produces a more comfortable fit and consequently reduces the risk of skin damage and the risk of falls and stumbles.

A below-knee amputee, owing to complications from a blood clotting condition, has trialled the P4 and has been impressed by its performance. He said: “Because of my high activity level, I’ve worn out a couple of P3 systems over the years — I play a lot of golf, so it’s no surprise!

“But with the P4 I feel like I could put it through anything and it’d survive. It’s really very good, from the way it reacts as I move to the vacuum, which is significantly better than its predecessor.”

As well as improved performance, fit and appearance, Ottobock says its P4 is easy to use, has a much more robust design and the active vacuum technology secures the fit in a few steps.

Harmony P4 image

Alan McDougall of ProActive Prosthetics said: “The Harmony P4 is a great improvement on the P3. It has a very short build height so you can fit it into most limb-builds.

“From a manufacturing point of view it was very easy to produce and build, and having the ability to rotate the pump on the socket will allow you to fit a foot straight onto the pump and still get the correct foot alignment, this will allow you to use the Harmony P4 on much longer residual limbs than before.

“Overall it looks, feels and functions excellently and I will be recommending this to many of my patients.”

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