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Featuring a range of integrated support systems, Closomat’s Palma Vita shower toilet aims to give users more stability and security.

The support systems mean that users can go to the toilet feeling relaxed as they do not need to execute any movement, which could impede on their stability and security. The fear of being unstable and unsupported can contribute to falls, so by providing as much support as possible, the Palma Vita reduces this risk.

Features of the Palma Vita include: integrated fold-down support arms, close proximity support arms, lateral supports, lap straps, and a selection of specialist paediatric and bariatric solutions.

All options can be added initially, or at a later date, to reassure users that their needs are met at all times.

Robin Tuffley, Marketing Manager at Closomat, commented: “Almost everyone has overbalanced when using the WC, at least once in their life.

“Statistics indicate that almost 15% of non fatal falls in the bathroom happen when using the toilet. It is also widely acknowledged that ensuring an environment or activity is safe helps eliminate the fear factor, particularly with older or less mobile people, giving them the reassurance to do something without relying on care support.

“The support systems spare having to reach for a grab rail, or lean to/on a washbasin. The risk factor is cut to a minimum.

“It’s about enabling people to retain their dignity and independence, to go to the toilet without help, with peace of mind, for as long as possible.”

Closomat’s douching and drying facilities also make sure that individuals are efficiently clean.

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