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Pressalit, a Scandinavian designer of accessible bathroom solutions, has introduced a new height-adjustable Shower Change Trolley, suitable for both adult and child environments in Changing Places facilities, schools or institutions.

Providing safety and comfort for both changing and assisted showering, the Shower Change Trolley introduces a range of innovative features to help users and carers. The product combines a height-adjustable changing table, with the option to use as a waterproof shower trolley.

Introducing foldable safety rails at the head and foot of the table, as well as on both sides, improves access for two or more carers to assist a user at the same time, Pressalit says.

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The easy-to-fold rails further provide security for the patient and help prevent falls as well as promote a greater sense of ease by providing a real visible definition of space. The contoured laminate rails feature black trim edges to aid the visual definition, with integrated grab handles.

Waterproof, non-slip, and quick-drying, the durable mattress is produced from PVS-coated fabric. The shower change trolley also provides a comfortable lying surface and has gable ends acting as further security.

With flexi-pipe and drainage, the shower water runs off and away quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, the Pressalit Shower Change Trolley is free-standing and can fit neatly into bathrooms, the accessible bathroom specialist adds. It can be moved into position next to the shower when needed and its large diameter wheels ensure easy manoeuvrability while the user is lying on the bed. The non-slip press-down foot pedals provide a secure central locking system across all four wheels.

Its metal frame is lifted off the floor so that the wheels and lower frame of a mobile hoist can fit underneath, if required. Furthermore, Pressalit says the Shower Change Trolley is easy to clean and keep safe. There is also a basket underneath the table for convenient storage of accessories.

With a height range of 550mm-950mm, carers can adjust the table to suit their personal work preferences, including wheelchair transfer and minimising inappropriate lifts. It features a gentle vertical tilt, with two secure, telescopic legs.

Andrew Lowndes, UK and Ireland Sales Manager for Pressalit, commented: “Great care has been put into the design of the new Shower Change Trolley to ensure it not only provides a safe and secure changing and showering trolley, but with its flexibility allows users and their carers to adapt easily to individual situations.

“This is an excellent addition to the Pressalit range. Not just another blue trolley, its bespoke design has a flexible approach to care from start to finish.”

As well as user comfort, the tilt allows for efficient water egress, Pressalit adds. The height-adjustable table is powered by a battery with an intuitive hand control.

The Pressalit Shower Change Trolley has a maximum weight of 200kg.

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