Professor Amit Gefen
Professor Amit Gefen will be hosting the webinars for Direct Healthcare Group

In Direct Healthcare Group’s latest live Ethos webinar series, intensive care unit (ICU) workers will learn more about the risks related to tissue deformation within the critical care setting.

During the webinar, Prof. Amit Gefen will explore the role of tissue deformation within the critically ill patient population and how technologies can be applied to minimise deformation that may help to significantly reduce pressure ulcer incidence within this clinical setting.

According to Direct Healthcare Group (DHG), recent research shows that cell and tissue deformation is a principal cause of pressure ulcers within the very early minutes of development.

Considering this, the pressure care management solutions provider says that “further understanding into optimal prevention of this important and costly patient safety threat is imperative”.

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By attending the webinar, delegates will understand the role of tissue deformation in pressure ulcer aetiology and be able to identify the risks related to tissue deformation within the ICU setting. Furthermore, ICU workers will explore anti-deformation technology and its role in pressure ulcer management in critical care patients as well as consider the role of anti-deformation technology in comparison to alternating air therapy.

Prof. Amit Gefen will run these Ethos webinars on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 27th January, 12-1pm
  • Wednesday 24th February, 12-1pm
  • Wednesday 24th March, 12-1pm

To register for this Ethos Webcast, click here

Direct Healthcare Group launched the Ethos webcast series in November. The webinar series is aimed at clinicians and healthcare providers working in the pressure area care arena and is designed to provide vital training, support and information.

Deborah Harrison, Managing Director of A1 Risk Solutions, recently presented a webcast in coordination with DHG’s webcast series that explored single-handed care and whether it has a place and impact within the NHS while it copes with COVID-19.

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