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Malaysian digital application specialist Maxis has launched a new mobile app called RE:Collection that enables people with dementia to capture their favourite moments.

With the app, family members and carers can also use data and analytics to understand what memory triggers matter to those with dementia.

The personalised app was created after the company discovered that reminiscence therapy has a strong therapeutic effect on dementia patients and can be more effective if it is personal and involves family members.

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Family members or carers can help the dementia patient revisit joyful memories through RE:Collection that may have been forgotten, plus find inspiration for conversations and activities.

For instance, photo and video triggers can be set to inspire the dementia patient to reminisce over past memories; stories can be told behind each photograph on the app through augmented reality (AR) so the dementia patient can make sense of their surroundings; and helpful insights and analytics can help improve the connection between the patient and the carer through discovering what the best triggers are.

Tai Kam Leong, Head of Brand and Marketing at Maxis, said: “The RE:Collection app makes reminiscence therapy more meaningful by making it personalised, accessible and involve family members.”

Maxis worked with Caring With You, an enrichment centre for people with dementia, the Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia, Dr. Rizah Mazzuin Razali and Dr. Ungku Ameen, Heads of the Geriatrics Units at hospitals in Kuala Lumpur and Klang, for valuable insights and in developing the app.

Deidre Low, Founder of Caring With You, commented: “Every single person with dementia displays different symptoms. Their cognitive abilities, interests, experiences, characteristics are different. Thus the first rule in providing meaningful engagement to your loved one with dementia is to respect their individuality – recalling their likes, interests, habits, routines, quirkiness, and also triggers.

“Maxis’ RE:Collection app which stores content of my mum’s interest gives me accessibility to topics to share laughs and memories with her. At my fingertips we can look at old photos of her younger self, friends and family, food or even nostalgic landmarks and objects.”

Recently, Alzheimer’s Research UK launched a global initiative to revolutionise the early detection of dementia through the use of wearables.

The app is available for download now for Apple devices through the App Store and for Android devices through the Google Play Store.

For more information on the RE:Collection app, visit the website:

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