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For 2020, Click Start Marketing is launching the “biggest ever” Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) event and assistive technology showcase: the Accessibility Show.

The show looks forward to welcoming a host of attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and guest speakers on the 14th-15th October at the NEC in Birmingham.

The Accessibility Show is the UK’s first national exhibition specifically designed to unite the DSA industry, bringing together the businesses and people committed to making accessibility achievable.

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Described by Click Start Marketing as “ground-breaking”, the show offers a unique opportunity to promote the solutions that are changing people’s lives, focussing on the awareness and understanding of accessibility.

Accessibility refers to the degree to which a product, device, service, or environment is available to as many people as possible. Click Start Marketing believes inclusivity needs to be considered by all businesses and educational institutions.

The new show comes amidst a raft of statistics that show a lack of knowledge and awareness surrounding the existence of accessibility plans.

A recent study by the Alliance for Inclusive Education (ALLFIE) and Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning (DRILL) claimed that disabled learners and their parents are “largely uninformed” about the existence of accessibility plans, despite a legal requirement for schools to create, regularly review and implement them.

In addition, the same study found that just 35 percent of education professionals surveyed had heard of the plans.

Despite major developments industry-wide, including a new review-style app to help drive accessibility improvements in UK venues for disabled people, more awareness is needed, says Click Start Marketing.

Responding to this, the Accessibility Show aims to bring people together to remove barriers, drum up awareness about accessibility, showcase innovative assistive technologies and support disabled learners to achieve their full potential.

You can register for a free attendee place at the 2020 Accessibility Show here:

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