Coombe Hill Manor sensory room image

Coombe Hill Manor, in Kingston upon Thames, has installed its first interactive Magic Table alongside creating a sensory room to help residents living with dementia have an improved experience at the care home.

The Magic Table is an award-winning innovation from the Netherlands, which contains a series of fun and engaging games for dementia patients. It has been designed to encourage instinctive participation, engagement and stimulating a level of physical and social activity to help tackle issues of isolation and loneliness found among people with dementia.

The games aim to trigger a sense of reminiscence among players and interactive lights are projected onto any table, in the form of games, including catching butterflies, sweeping leaves and popping bubbles.

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Coombe Hill Manor Magic Table image

Also at Coombe Hill Manor is the sensory room, designed by Dr Anke Jakob, a design researcher, practitioner and leading expert in the design and textile of sensory rooms at Kingston University, which uses state-of-the-art technology, including an art projector for creating tranquil scenes, images or the capability to connect with family members via Skype.

The projector in the sensory room is also Bluetooth enabled, allowing families of loved ones to display photos and videos to help recreate past memories.

On the installation at the care home, Deborah Harding at Coombe Hill Manor said: “At Coombe Hill manor, we believe in creating profound experiences to help induce positive outcomes for our residents.

“We spent a lot of time researching and developing the sensory room with Dr Anke Jakob as well as our residents’ family members to ensure the room would deliver the right outcomes for our residents.

“We’re excited to be finally using the sensory room with The Magic Table and can’t wait to see the impact both have on our residents’ wellbeing.”

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