Medaco mattress decontamination and repair service

Medaco is pioneering the field of mattress decontamination and repair by launching a full range mattress care service that will help to prevent cross contamination, the spread of infections, and preserves the life of the equipment.

The Mattress Decontamination and Repair programme provides a high standard of infection prevention, which keeps mattresses in compliance with BS EN 14476 regulations.

The service begins with the specialist tracked packaging sent straight to the facility and collection arranged, creating a hassle-free service for care staff. Mattresses then go on to be rigorously decontaminated effective against Coronavirus and 99.99% of all germs and viruses, reducing infection in are facilities.

The mattress is fully function tested and repairs are carried out when needed to guarantee functionality, the clean and efficient mattresses are returned and ready to use, which helps to save the costs of new mattresses.

Medaco mattress decontamination and servicing timeline

Graham Cane, Mattress Decontamination Specialist, Medaco said: “Medaco’s Mattress Decon and Repair service helps to prevent cross contamination, the spread of infections, and preserves the life of the equipment.”

Medaco’s service minimises your mattress downtime whilst maximising your mattress’ lifespan and reducing your carbon footprint.

Bruce McEwan, Commercial Director, Medaco added: “The new process means we can decontaminate the equipment to greater efficacy and make sure that the mattresses are calibrated and continue to work at their optimum efficiency.

“This means peace of mind for the service user as there is no cross contamination between residents and also they will have reduced downtime of mattresses failing”

This service officially launches on Monday 1st August 2022, prices start from £69 +VAT.

Medaco work in the field of patient handling care, with 30 years of experience in providing equipment provisions, servicing, and supporting customers’ needs across the care homes, hospitals and SEND school sectors to keep them in compliance and provide optimal care for service users.

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