After years of changing customers’ lives by installing accessible bathrooms and kitchens, Dignity LC Services has launched a new toilet facilitation solution that aims to tackle the traditional toilet rising issues.

Based in Hertfordshire, the family-run business first began life as a general building firm before founder Darren Prior completed an adaptation for a family whose nine-year-old daughter was suffering from a brain tumour.

Darren & Aaron AdjustpanIt was following the adaptation of the young girl’s home so she could stay with her family during her treatment that Darren was inspired to refocus his energies into a new venture.

Chloe Prior, Director at Dignity LC Services and Darren’s daughter, explained: “My father has a passion for helping others and wanted to start a new business which specialised in helping families and individuals stay within the comfort of their home.”

Darren transitioned into supplying and installing accessible bathing and kitchens for elderly and disabled individuals.

After many bathroom installations, he was regularly being asked to construct a plinth to be fitted underneath the toilet to raise it to a more comfortable level for users. Toilet risers that sit above the toilet were already available on the market but Darren found that many clients were keen to avoid the option.

“During consultations, clients made clear their insistence on avoiding toilet facilitation equipment that was placed above the toilet,” Chloe told us. “The common problems identified were the instability, the discomfort and the appearance of them. They negatively affect the aesthetics of a bathroom and these issues combined negatively affect an individual’s wellbeing.”

After designing and installing these hand-made wooden plinths on numerous projects, Darren found himself having to continually re-cut and re-fit the plinths as clients requested adjustments. It was then that he came up with the Adjustpan.

Aiming to tackle the problems his customers highlighted with the current toilet risers that sit above the toilet, Dignity LC Services’ new solution is an adjustable toilet riser that can be installed underneath any toilet.

The device comes with or without adjustable handrails and allows the toilet and handrails to be easily adapted to the user’s required height.

According to the company, the device is designed to help prevent falls by being secured between the toilet and the floor, ensuring maximum stability for users moving from a sitting to standing position.

“Installation underneath the toilet means the product cannot be removed or tampered with by the user, eliminating the side-to-side movement users can experience with assistive toilet equipment that is placed above the toilet,” commented Chloe.

Manufactured entirely within the UK, the design was heavily influenced by hygiene concerns, ensuring the device did not block cleaning access to the toilet.

Importantly, as a result of Darren’s experience of re-cutting and re-installing his original wooden plinths, he created the Adjustpan to be re-adjustable rather than being a permanent fixture.


The company’s website is HERE and for more information about the Adjustpan, visit HERE

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