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Specialist in advanced impact mitigation and cushioning solutions SKYDEX has announced the release of its Performance Comfort seating solutions, giving clients greater comfort whilst reducing the risk of fatigue, pain and injury.

SKYDEX Performance Comfort consists of patented geometry-based technology used to design seat cushion inserts that reduce interface pressures, absorb high levels of energy and attenuate vibration.

According to the company, its inserts meet one of the biggest challenges facing the seating industry: reducing peak pressures to eliminate discomfort. The inserts aim to tackle the most demanding seating requirements to ensure seat cushions consistently perform at a high level.

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As compared to all-foam cushions, SKYDEX says its new seat cushion inserts deliver:

  • 43 percent better pressure distribution
  • 56 percent improved impact mitigation
  • Unmatched durability

SKYDEX CEO Alvaro Vaselli commented: “We continue to expand the capabilities of SKYDEX technologies and are determined to take our customer’s products to a new level of performance. With this recent launch, we’re proud to help make the best seats in the marketplace even better.

“SKYDEX leverages engineering expertise and knowledge of how human anatomy responds to dynamic environmental conditions to design seat cushion inserts with a unique difference. Performance Comfort distributes pressure in a seat to provide greater comfort and reduce the risk of fatigue, pain and injury for users.”

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