Stiltz help the Lane family on BBC's DIY SOS imageFlagship BBC TV programme DIY SOS has ensured wheelchair-user Karis Lane can avoid going into care by fitting a pioneering Stiltz home lift in her big sister’s home with the help of Dolphin Lifts Midlands.

Karis, 28, is a criminology student who lives with her mum Karen in Stourbridge. She needs constant care due to Cerebral Palsy and other conditions, however, Karen has her own health challenges including severe rheumatoid arthritis. Lifting and carrying Karis had put a huge strain on them both physically and mentally. Exacerbated by Karen’s partner recently being diagnosed with cancer, their situation was unsustainable.

Older sister Jo and partner Wil stepped up to provide a home for Karis, however, with an inaccessible house, it was equally as difficult to offer Karis comfort and independence in Bromsgrove. Busy hairdresser Jo invested in building a home salon so she could be more flexible.

Nevertheless, daily routines such as carrying Karis up and down the stairs were not resolved. This was unsafe for everyone with risk of falls and back injury. If either Jo or Wil, a professional stunt rider at Warwick Castle, damaged their backs, their income could be compromised and Karis would lose her carers.

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Jo continued to save and fundraise so their home could be made more wheelchair-friendly, however, the task was unsurmountable. The only alternative was moving Karis into care which filled the family with dread. Hence unbeknown to Jo, Karen contacted DIY SOS with a desperate plea for help.

The application sparked interest from the programme researchers and resulted in Jo and Wil being given the opportunity for a home conversion and two-storey extension by DIY SOS The Big Build. In addition to donation requests for construction companies and tradesmen, messages were sent out to suppliers of specialist assistive equipment so that the Lane’s home could be fitted with appropriate products for easier care of Karis.

Steve Wilson, General Manager of Dolphin Lifts Midlands, commented: “The aim of the conversion was to ensure Karis could be as independent as possible and a vital part of this was ensuring Karis could access her upstairs apartment from the ground floor.

“As soon as we got the call, we knew we had to help Karis and her family so we immediately spoke to Stiltz (the home lifts specialist for whom we are a distributor) as we felt one of their through the floor lift would be perfect.”

Following an assessment of the property and Karis’s needs it was decided by Dolphin Lifts Midlands and Stiltz that a Trio+ wheelchair-accessible home lift would be the perfect solution. Not only would it allow Karis to access her upstairs apartment independently, but it would also eliminate the risks associated with Jo and Will carrying Karis upstairs.

Dolphin Lifts Midlands on BBC DIY SOS image

Stiltz worked closely with DIY SOS to install and commission its stunning, free-standing, homelift within an extremely challenging time frame.

Witnessing the lift for the first time during the ‘Reveal day’, the whole Lane family were ‘overwhelmed’. Host Nick Knowles encouraged Karis to enter the lift car which she described as ‘magical’.

Karis said: “At the touch of a button and with a little bit of pixie dust, I’m elevated from the ground floor into my apartment without needing to be carried up the stairs. I feel like a princess riding in my own homelift, it is so heavenly.”

Karis’ big sister Jo was equally as impressed: “It’s a lovely looking lift that takes up little space in my property and has taken away the fear of falling when carrying my sister up and down the stairs. Karis now has free movement around the whole of my house so she can fully participate with the family.

“The lift has given Karis complete independence and is so much better than a stairlift which would have meant we still needed to help Karis. I also think people tend to relate stair lifts with elderly people which is just not right for Karis or our home. We are so grateful to Stiltz.”

The DIY SOS donation means the Lane family can now progress with their lives in a more positive way. Karis benefits from increased independence and the well-being of the whole family is greatly improved. Karen can enjoy respite and Jo is already spending more quality time with her younger sister.

Jo concluded: “Karis is so happy and we feel a massive weight has been lifted from my mum’s shoulders. If it hadn’t been for DIY SOS I’m not sure what we would have done! Thank you so much to everyone involved in the build, it just looks incredible. I always wanted Karis to live with us as she’s an absolute joy, my dream is now a reality.”

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