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The new Sta by Smirthwaite is an entry-level stander for disabled children that is easy to use, comfortable and stylish whilst being strong and supportive.

Designed for children between six and 12 years old weighing up to 60kg, the Sta can be used in the classroom and at home as it allows the child to participate in activities hassle-free.

With easy access adjustment locks, the Sta can be smoothly tilted between vertical and prone angles with the user in place.

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The Sta’s anterior pelvic and knee supports are height, width and angle adjustable to achieve midline positioning to help a child develop their weight-bearing ability. The padded supports help with this too as the extra comfort encourages longer standing times so that the stander’s benefits can be fully realised.

Alongside delivering physical improvements, the Sta also delivers psychological benefits as standing allows for greater interaction with family and friends, helping develop the child’s social skills and improving inclusivity.

Additionally, the stander boasts a simple, fun and stylish design, and can be personalised with a choice of colour on the supports.

The Sta is available to buy online, however, Smirthwaite stresses the importance of having a stander that is correctly fitted and says its product advisors are available to help clients find their optimal position.

To find out more, call Smirthwaite’s customer support team on 01626 835552 or visit the website:

Smirthwaite designs products for children with special needs. Its product portfolio includes postural seating equipment, standing frames, sleep systems, bathing and toileting products and much more.

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