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An elderly couple has had their small bathroom in Eastleigh adapted, funded by a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG), featuring Closomat’s Palma Vita wash & dry toilet to help them remain hygienic, dignified and independent.

Dan Burton, Director of Hampshire-based Danson Developments, helped with the adaptation process. He says Closomat’s design flexibility helped deliver a smooth installation and a fixture that the couple can both use with optimum dignity, cleanliness and independence.

“It wasn’t easy, particularly as space was singularly lacking in the bathroom,” explained Dan. “The husband suffers from dementia, and his wife was struggling in the small space to help clean him, so it was decided a Closomat, with its built-in washing & drying, would benefit them both: a touch sensitive hand switch means the husband can manage on his own, or his wife can trigger the cleaning process if required without having to try and reach round and behind him.

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“An earlier adaptation mean we had to accommodate and overcome exposed, raised pipework running behind the WC, so we couldn’t fit the Closomat flush to the existing wall.”

The Palma Vita has been purpose-designed to offer flexibility in installation. Therefore, it can easily accommodate being stood off from the wall and pipework (preformed infill panels provide a discreet solution in graduated thicknesses up to 75mm), raised height from the floor (preformed plinths allow height to be increased by up to 100mm), being fixed to floor or wall, and side entry supply pipework.

Uniquely, Closomat’s Palma Vita also enables tailoring to individual requirement, be it initially when first installed or retrospectively. Accessories include different operating mechanisms, seats, support arms and body support systems.

Closomat also offers clients a complete in-house support package which includes: design/specification advice, supplying, installing, commissioning, and ongoing service and maintenance.

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