Reahsense UK TRACK WHEEL image

A new lightweight front wheel attachment for manual wheelchairs is promising to be the perfect companion for users when out and about, whether around town or at the beach.

Launched by mobility solutions specialist Rehasense UK, the TRACK WHEEL transforms a standard manual wheelchair into an agile tricycle to enable wheelchair users to experience greater freedom.

The wheelchair’s castors are raised when attaching the 12-inch TRACK WHEEL, which slightly tilts the chair backwards. By noticeably reducing the rolling resistance, the user can enjoy increased speed, manoeuvrability and comfort. Attaching the TRACK WHEEL to the wheelchair frame requires no tools and the process takes a matter of seconds.

Weighing from 2.6 kg and currently available in single-arm carbon, the TRACK WHEEL adds very little weight to the existing wheelchair, Rehasense UK says. The single-arm model has been designed for use with rigid wheelchairs.

Later this year, the company has said it will launch a double arm aluminium or carbon model, which will be for use with foldable wheelchairs featuring fixed integrated footrests.

For more information on the full range of mobility solutions available from Rehasense UK,­ call 0333 220 0704, email or visit the website

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