Electric Mobility Razoo powerchair image

Electric Mobility, which specialises in mobility equipment, has launched a new compact rear-wheel-drive powerchair that is designed to suit a younger demographic.

The Razoo is a petite 3.8mph powerchair with a range of up to 6.8 miles, maximum carrying capacity of up to 21 stone, and a narrow width of 22.9 inches. This new mobility device also dismantles into three pieces for transportation and storage. With an attractive turning circle of 97cm, the Razoo is manoeuvrable and agile.

Jonathan Hearth, Managing Director of Electric Mobility, said that clients looking for a stylish yet functional powerchair would enjoy the company’s latest product launch.

He commented: “Prioritising function and usability this customer may need to use the powerchair indoors and outdoors for prolonged use. Storage and transportation are considerable purchasing factors and a low maintenance chair is essential.

“Style remains at the forefront with the Razoo appealing to a younger demographic who want a contemporary design to complement their lifestyle.”

The Razoo powerchair is an improved version and replacement for Electric Mobility’s P320 Compact, which has been discontinued with immediate effect.

In April, Electric Mobility launched the Vortex Performance Scooter, which combines style, substance and safety.

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